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Title Governance and structured spreadsheets: Your spreadsheets don't need to be black boxes
Authors Paul Mireault & Lindsey Gresham
Year 2015
Type Proceedings
Publication International Conference on Accounting and Finance
Series May

The verification of spreadsheets continues to be tedious and challenging within corporate governance processes. This is primarily due to the fact that spreadsheets are often hard, if not impossible, to understand.

We present a development methodology that produces spreadsheets which are easier to understand and also highly maintainable, regardless of who designed and implemented the model. By following the methodology, the developer also produces the model's documentation, which can be handed off to another developer and can be used in an audit.

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Formula diagram
Formula diagram
The Formula Diagram is a graphical representation of the model. Its purpose is to provide a global view of the model: we quickly see the relationships between the variables.